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    increasing die life. Recent studies indicate that ceramic dies and various surface treatment techniques represent, in certain applications, cost effective techniques for improving die life. This paper reviews the state of technology on die materials and surface treatments used in hot and warm forging of steel. Finite Element Analysis


    EFFECTIVE DATE 3/01/2018 COLD ROLLED - P AGE 1 OF 3 4. Cold Rolled Sheet Steel. Cold Rolled Sheet product is produced to ASTM Specifications A568, A606, A794 or A1008. Cold Rolled is sold on an actual weight basis and typically ordered to a minimum thickness.

  3. Technical Data Sheet Bright Annealing

    tubing surface can and will cause damage during heat treatment. This article attempts to address a number of misconceptions that exist about annealing and bright annealing, in particular. Sensitization and carbide stabilizing anneals are also addressed. For bright annealing to be effective, tube surfaces must be clean and free of foreign matter.

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    The Bright Annealed stainless steel tubing, commonly referred to as BA finish, is cold rolled using highly polished rolls in contact with the steel surface, making it both smooth and bright. This stainless steel tubing is then polished to 400 grit and offers a more accurate thickness than other available finishes.

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