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    Company Name CCIC-CSA International Certification Co., LTD Address No. 10, KeYan Road, Science Park ... ANSI LC 1/CSA 6.26 Fuel gas piping systems using corrugated stainless steel ... conducting propane and natural gas . CSA 8.3 Thermoplastic hose and hose couplings for conducting

  2. Gas & Water Connectors and Accessories

    Blue Hose Gas Connector Kits with Swivel MAX ... Fuel gas codes require an ANSI Z21.69/CSA 6.16 moveable gas connector with all appliances that may or may not utilize ... corrugated stainless steel tubing that gives connectors superb bending properties and long life.

  3. CSST Flexible Gas Pipe - HOME-FLEX

    This System Design and Installation Manual is intended to assist the qualified gas pipe install-er in the design, installation, and testing of the HOME-FLEX® flexible gas piping system for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It is not possible for this guide to anticipate

  4. Penflex | CSA Corporate Sustaining Member & Buyer's Guide ...

    Penflex, established in 1902, manufactures flexible metal hose, corrugated and interlocked, as well as metal expansion joints. Known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, Penflex products are well suited for transfer of cryogenic liquids and gases.

  5. Omega Flex, Inc. - Flexible Metal Hose & Braid Products ...

    Manufacturer of corrugated flexible metal hose and braid products for the processing industries and other specialized applications. ... Manufacturer of corrugated flexible stainless steel tubing used for natural gas and propane installations in residential and commercial applications.

  6. Flexible CSST System For All Gas Appliances | ProFlex CSST

    According to Gas Research Institute,labor savings range from 25% to 66% for new constuction projects utilizing CSST installations. Learn More Flexible Design. Flexible Tubing. Pro-Flex CSST is flexible tubing that is easier to route through new or existing buildings give installers a variety of layout options. Learn More No Special Tools ...

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