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  1. Metal Framing Channels - Cooper Industries

    Channel Metal framing channel is cold formed on our modern rolling mills from 12 Ga. (2.6mm), 14 Ga. (1.9mm), and 16 Ga. (1.5mm)low carbon steel strips. A continuous slot with inturned lips provides the ability to make attachments at any point.

  2. DCI Hollow Metal Technical Data

    channels and l-brackets: material: galvanneal whi approved up to 3 hours 12 ga l-bracket drill and tapped for 12-24" fhms (2) per bracket spotwelded (2) per bracket 16 ga channel spotwelded 4" max from ends 6" max oc panel with recessed channels at top and sides …

  3. LASSIFIE System No. HW-D-0636 HWD 0636 D C US …

    Channels are nom 1-1/2 in. (38 mm) or 2 in. (51 mm) deep and formed from min 16 gauge painted or galvanized steel. Each bar or channel welded or fastened with steel fasteners to steel beam and welded, bolted or screwed to ceiling runner of wall.

  4. Bracing System Design - fhwa.dot.gov

    Washington, D.C. 20590 13. Type of Report and Period Covered Technical Report March 2011 – November 2012 14. Sponsoring Agency Code 15. Supplementary Notes 16. Abstract This module discusses the design of bracing systems for the superstructures of straight and curved girder systems. I-girder and box shaped members are covered.

  5. Pipe straps, pipe and conduit clamps and hangers - tnb.ca

    PIPE STRAPS, PIPE AND CONDUIT CLAMPS AND HANGERS 41 Cat. no. Wt./C. lb Counterbed CB118-055PG 1 CB118-090PG 2 ... Stainless steel type 316 clamp comes with type 304 stainless steel hardware. CB118 Counterbed EB118 Extended bed Not sold in pairs DB118

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