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  1. PEX Plumbing: What to Inspect After Installation

    Pipes should be fastened as they enter the bend and as they leave the bend. ... PEX has replaced polybutylene (PB) as the most widely used flexible plumbing pipe. It is similar to polybutylene in that it installs easily, can be purchased in long rolls, ... Another method of connecting pipe and fittings uses a compression fitting that

  2. Piping calculator delivers accurate results | CONTRACTOR

    In semiconductor plants, specifications often call for electro-polished tubing, which is expensive, about $100 a foot for quarter-inch tubing. Any mistakes in cuts performed for weld fittings are very costly. “There are a lot of difficult offsets where we cannot use standard fittings, so we have to custom bend the pipe

  3. 8 common DIY plumbing mistakes - ImprovementCenter

    Mar 22, 2012 · Despite some simple aspects, proper plumbing can be daunting for the DIYer, so if you must plumb the depths of your home's pipes, be sure to inspect this list of eight things the plumbing inspector will look for when giving your pipes to the "Go to flow." Or save yourself the hassle and contact a local certified plumber.

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