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  1. Textiles High Tenacity Yarn of Nylon or other Poly …

    Textiles– High Tenacity Yarn of Nylon or other Poly-amides Specification (HS: 5402.19) Foreword High tenacity Nylon or other polyamides: High tenacity yarn: A yarn with a significantly higher breaking tenacity than others of the same generic category, generally used because of that main characteristic.

  2. Comparison of Fiber Properties - MiniFIBERS

    solvents at high temperatures and aromatic compounds. PolyVinyl Alcohol Fiber 1.30 ~230oC / ~446oF 1.0 - 5.0 ~14.0 Excellent resistance to acids and bases. Kynar® PVDF Fiber 1.78 165-172oC/ 329-342oF < 0.1 <1.5 Totally resistant to strong acids, strong oxidants, halogens, aromatic solvents, aliphatic solvents, hydrocarbons, and ozone.


    • High Tenacity UV stabilised webbing, enhances resistance to solvents and UV light degradation • Retro-ReflectiveThread in webbing for improved visibility in low light • Large Dorsal D Ring for easier connection • Closed Loop Webbing system on rear Dorsal D maintains …

  4. PRODUCT NUMBER: 2232532 Tuff Cut Latex

    Light thermal protection (up to 250°C) Industry Automotive and Part Manufacturer Aviation Building and Construction General Industry Iron and steel industry Logistics Metal steel Paper Industries Ship Building PRODUCT NUMBER: 2232532 Handling of heavy parts with …

  5. AG Feeder Hose / Main Line – Irrigation Supplies, Parts ...

    Its rubber composition keeps AG light enough for easy deployment and retraction, making it the go-to hose for tackling demanding agricultural applications. Hose Construction – 100% high tenacity yarn, extruded with thru the weave Nitrile. Rubber construction. Chemical Resistance – Nitrile Rubber Cover increases resistance to oil, fuel, most

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