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  1. Bayblend® FR3010 - upmold.com

    Bayblend® FR3010 Covestro ­ Units English Polycarbonates ­ Polycarbonate + ABS Action Legend (Open) General Information Product Description (PC+ABS) blend; unreinforced; flame­retardant; injection molding grade; increased heat resistance; Vicat/B 120 temperature = 110 °C; UL

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    Covestro Sheet Europe Customer Area: Login Menu. Menu. Covestro Sheet Europe; About us. About us. Where we are; Who we are ... vacuum formed parts for material containers and pallets. vending machines. visors. ... Bayblend/ PC/ABS blend sheet / Bayblend FR3030. Type Title / Filesize Link; Datasheet: data sheet (320 kB)

  3. Covestro | PolyOne Distribution

    Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Science) is a leading global manufacturer of polycarbonate (PC) resins, polycarbonate blends, and thermoplastic polyurethane resins. Covestro develops material formulations tailored to benefit diverse industries including:

  4. Industrial Design - Covestro

    Before Anton/Bauer® engineers sketched the new Digital Battery Series, the company invited Covestro and other material suppliers to help determine the best material with a UL 94 V-2 flammability rating for the application.. Our Bayblend® FR3010 PC+ABS blend resin not only passed the company’s rigorous technical testing, it also excelled in a harsher real-world test.

  5. Bayblend - Materials Catalog - Plastle - PLASTICS SERVICES

    PC+ABS: Bayblend: FR3010: Covestro AG: ... Vicat/B 120 temperature = 115 °C, good extrusion and vacuum-forming behaviour, UL recognition 94 V-0 (1.5 mm), halogen-free according to DIN VDE 0472,815, glow wire temperature (GWFI): 960 °C at 1.0 mm. Features Resistance flame retardant (unconfirmed) Availability Asia Pacific (all countries)

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