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  1. Lisiting of Special High Grade Zinc Brands - lme.com

    (iii) Has a capacity to produce a minimum of 12,000 metric tons per annum of Special High Grade Zinc. NB. A production plant is defined as an integrated zinc refinery with an associated ingot moulding line (lines), producing a brand of zinc of consistent assay, quality and identity.

  2. Zinc Metal SDS - teck.com

    Trade Names and Synonyms: High Grade Zinc; Special High Grade Zinc; Zinc, Zn, CGG Alloy <1% Aluminum. Manufacturer: Teck Metals Ltd. Trail Operations Trail, British Columbia ... exposed billets, ingots and castings cool. Fire Fighting: If possible, move material not yet involved in the fire from the fire area. If this is not possible, cool fire ...

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