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    304 VS. 316 What’s the Difference? -

    Outwardly, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel look very similar. Both are non-magnetic, austenitic, and non-hardenable through heat treatment. Each of these stainless steel grades will resists corrosion, are quite durable, and are easily formed and fabricated. The difference in their structure is primarily the addition of molybdenum to 316.

  2. Type 316/316L Stainless Steels Explained - The Balance

    Marine grade stainless steel, called type 316, is resistant to certain types of interactions. There is a variety of different types of 316 stainless steels, including 316 L, F, N, H, and several others.

  3. 304 Vs. 304L Stainless Steel for Industrial or Commercial ...

    Oct 17, 2017 · In terms of popularity, 304 grade is the reigning champion of austenitic stainless steels. But there’s a challenger called 304L with its own merits for commercial and industrial projects. So, who should you bet on in the matchup of 304 vs. 304L stainless steel? (Need a full chart of stainless steel

  4. The Difference Between 304 304L and 321 - Donghao ...

    Difference Between 304 304L and 321 304 stainless steel is low carbon chromium nickel stainless and heat resisting steel somewhat superior to Type 302 in corrosion resistance. 321 stainless steel is known as stabilized grades of stainless steel, is Chromium nickel steel containing titanium.

  5. Difference among 304,304L,304H stainless steel,Difference ...

    Difference among 304,304L,304H stainless steel. 304 within the carbon content of 0.08% 304H between the carbon content of 0.04-0.1% 304L inside the carbon content of 0.035% Other elements in basically no difference. 304H features: heat-resistant stainless steel, with good bending, welding performance, corrosion resistance,...

  6. Article: Comparison of 304 or 316 and 304L or 316L type ...

    Comparison of 304 or 316 and 304L or 316L type compositions and effect on corrosion resistance Introduction - composition ranges. As American AISI basic grades, the only practical difference between 304 or 316 and 304L or 316L is carbon content. The carbon ranges are 0.08% maximum for 304 and 316 and 0.030% maximum for the 304L and 316L types.

  7. 304/304L Stainless Steel, Difference Between 304 and 304L ...

    304/304L Stainless Steel, Difference Between 304 and 304L 304/304L Stainless Steel have very similar chemical and mechanical properties and are often included on a single material test certificate when the actual properties of a stainless steel plate meet the criteria of both types.

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