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  1. Protection steels | Industeel

    Protection steels. Industeel is a first-class producer of ballistic protection steel plates. Mars ® is a family of steel grades specially designed for military and civil ballistic protection. Its patented chemical composition provides high protection, often beyond technical specifications, with …

  2. Alabama Hard Surfacing - Super Wear Plate

    In 1977 Alabama Hard Surfacing, Inc. pioneered the hard-surfacing of A-36 steel plate for wear parts. Today this process is called chromium carbide overlay plate. Super Wear® Plate has saved our customers money by minimizing downtime and parts usage.

  3. Types and grades of Stainless Steel Plate // Stainless ...

    Stainless Plate Products is a USA producer of plasma cut, water jet cut, machine cut and saw cut quality stainless steel rings, discs, plate flanges and custom cut plate.

  4. Abrasion Resisting Plate - Tell Steel Inc.

    AR-400 Plate is a quenched and tempered high strength alloy steel which has superior abrasion resistance and toughness.AR-400 alloy steel will reduce material handling costs to a minimum for earth moving, mining and other similar industries in which a combination of toughness and abrasion resistance is required. Typical uses are wear plates, truck bodies, chute liners and storage bin liners.

  5. Abrasion Resistant Steel | Brown McFarlane

    Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate Branding. Steel plate for use in abrasive conditions is unusual in that it is more widely specified by a brand name than by a particular national or international steel specification. Many steel plate manufacturers produce their own brand of abrasion resistant steel.

  6. Wear-resistant steel - thyssenkrupp

    thyssenkrupp produces special wear-resistant structural steels for plant and mining. ... Quality management The route to steel History Overview History; ... Herbert List Purchasing Steel finder; close. search. Your last searchterms: Home; Products; Heavy plate; Wear-resistant steel. Wear-resistant steel. Wear-resistant special structural steel ...

  7. Which Metal Finishing Option Is For You? - Sharretts ...

    If your business involves the manufacturing of products consisting of any type of metal, then you undoubtedly understand the importance of metal finishing. In simple terms, metal finishing is the process of applying a metal coating or other treatment to the surface of a metal part or component. This part or component is referred to […]

  8. A-2, D-2, 0 Die, S-7 - Alloy Tool Steel Inc.

    A-2 Tool Steel. A-2 is an air hardening (cold work) tool steel with wear properties between 0-1 oil hardening and 0-2 air hardening. A-2 offers good toughness with medium wear resistance along with relatively easy machining. A-2 also has excellent non-deforming properties. These characteristics have made A-2 a very popular and widely used material.

  9. What is abrasion-resistant material? -

    Jul 21, 2011 · The liner plates are bolted in for easy replacement. They sometimes are plug- or slot-welded in. Several of these units have been in service for many years without requiring liner replacements. For corrosive environments, the liners are made of stainless steel. Some stainless steel, such as Type 347, is also somewhat abrasion-resistant.

  10. Hardox® In My Body –a quality sign and your game …

    Hardox® In My Body A sign of quality and trust for the best products in the market. Look for the Hardox® In My Body branded sign if you’re looking for bodies that are hard, tough, cost efficient and made from genuine Hardox® wear plate.. This logo on a product verifies that it's been manufactured using Hardox® wear plate and not an inferior imitation.

  11. Steel Stockholders | Steel Suppliers | AJ Marshall

    A.J. Marshall are experienced and reliable steel stockholders that have a reputation of providing high quality steel products to our clients. When dealing with abrasion resistant, high strength, weather resistant and work hardening steel plate, you cannot afford to take chances, it pays to trust a specialist.

  12. The Truth About Steel and Steel Targets | Action Target

    The Truth About Steel and Steel Targets. Posted on April 4, ... there is potentially no limit to the number of different steel recipes that can be created. Currently, there are over 3,000 catalogued grades or chemical compositions of steel available. ... Heflin Steel – Heflin REM 500 abrasion resistant plate is a premium grade wear plate ...

  13. 7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Aluminum Grade ...

    Jan 19, 2015 · 7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Aluminum Grade. 7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Aluminum Grade. Category: Aluminum, Hints and Tips. Posted: January 19, 2015. ... Alloy 3003 – Good Corrosion Resistance; Alloy 5052 – Excellent Corrosion Resistance (Preferred in marine applications)

  14. Wear and Abrasion Resistant Surface Coatings for steel and ...

    Wear & Abrasion Resistant Coating Hardness, wear and abrasion resistance are key characteristics of Hardide CVD coatings, which have been extensively tested in the laboratory and proven in industrial environments. Under abrasion testing ASTM G65, the Hardide-T coating is: 6 x more wear resistant than HVOF WC-83%/Co-17%

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