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  1. Recent Development of Non-Oriented Electrical Steel in …

    required in electrical steel sheets for use in motors. JFE Steel began manufacturing cold-rolled non- oriented electrical steel sheets in 1954. Thereafter, as low iron loss materials, the company developed 50RM270 utilizing high purification technology in 1978 and also developed 50RM250 in …

  2. Bangkok Pacific Steel Co., Ltd. – Total steel solutions

    BPS imports Non – Grain – Oriented Electrical steel from steel makers in various countries. With capability of slitting, Stamping, and progressive – die manufacturing, BPS can provide its products in form of either slit coils or stamped parts so as to meet customers ' specific requirement in Electrical and Electronics industry, Home Appliance industry, Automotive industry and etc.

  3. Electrical Steel | Mapes & Sprowl Steel

    Electrical Steel. A specialist in electrical steel since 1927, Mapes & Sprowl is a full service supplier of electrical steel sheet and coil, including Fully Processed, Semi Processed, Cold Rolled and CRML electrical steel. We offer one-on-one technical consultation to determine the customer’s specification and the best grade for the application.

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