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  1. Steel COR-TEN

    the application environment, COR-TEN’s weather resistance is nearly 4~8 times that of ordinary steel. Weather Resistance COR-TEN is paintable in the same way as ordinary steel. In addition, even if a painting defect should occur, COR-TEN suppresses the progress of rust area and, accordingly, prolongs

  2. Corten Steel Rusting Treatment -

    Corten Steel Rusting Treatment. Because Cor-Ten steel has high weather resistance, it can be used without painting. Unpainted applications not only offer the economic advantage of reducing repainting costs; they also offer aesthetic benefits associated with the calming color of the protective rust.

  3. How To Make Rusted Paper – Go Make Something

    Rusted Paper Instructions. Mist a rust plate with water, or dip it into a tub of water to get it wet. Place a sheet of paper on the wet plate, and mist it all over. Mist or dip a second pate, and place it over the paper. Keep layering paper and wet plates. Set in a warm, sunny spot for a few hours.

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