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    aj maNufaCturINg COmpaNy CustOm aND staINlEss aIr DIstrIbutION prODuCts www.ajmfg.com Effective: July 2010 return air grille 550 (H Or V) — staINlEss stEEl • The series 550 return air grille is styled to match the 150 and 250 supply grilles. the face bars are non-adjustable and available in either a horizontal or vertical position, factory ...

  2. ISSF Martensitic Stainless Steels - worldstainless.org

    stainless steel is indispensable to keep sharpness for a long time. Although it was a disadvantage that martensitic stainless steel was difficult to process because of its hardness, our company repeatedly conducted research and product development, produced all-stainless kitchen knives made by integrating handle and blade in 1983.

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