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  1. China, Global Warming and Hot-Rolled Structural Steel

    China, Global Warming and Hot-Rolled Structural Steel Sections | Page 2 of 3 The greenhouse gas emissions measured as global warming potential of hot-rolled structural steel sections produced in China are three times that of equivalent sections produced in …


    Because of their outstanding properties, wide flange shapes are widely used for beams, columns and other architectural members, as well as in pile foundations, bridges and other civil engineering works. Japan's first wide flange shapes were produced in 1961 on JFE Steel

  3. Structural Shapes -

    steel shapes on the basis that a cubic foot of steel weighs 490 pounds and a cubic meter of steel ... d Depth of section, rounded to the nearest 0.01 inch or 1 millimeter . tf, tw Flange and web thicknesses, rounded to the nearest 0.001 inch or 0.1 millimeter .

  4. Properties of Structural-Steel Shapes - Cengage

    APPENDIX F Properties of Structural-Steel Shapes F3 11 2 2 TABLE F-1(b) PROPERTIES OF WIDE-FLANGE SECTIONS (W SHAPES) – SI UNITS (ABRIDGED LIST) Mass Flange Axis 1-1 Axis 2-2 per Web Designation meter Area Depth thickness Width Thickness ISr I S r kg mm2 mm mm mm mm 4106 mm 10 3mm mm 106 mm4 103 mm3 mm W 760 314 314 40100 785 19.7 384 33.5 4290 10900 328 …

  5. Structural Steel Beams From Japan and Korea -

    International Trade Commission (Commission) determines, pursuant to section 751(c) of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. § 1675(c)) (the Act), that revocation of the antidumping order on structural steel beams from Japan and revocation of the antidumping and countervailing duty orders on structural steel beams

  6. Standard Structural Steel Families and Custom Families for ...

    Learn how to identify the Standard Structural Steel Families and see the list of such families that you can use to place steel connections. Structural connections can be placed on both standard and custom structural families. To learn the difference between standard and custom steel framing families, see About Standard Structural Steel Framing Families

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