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  1. Engineering Bar Product Manual - tatasteeleurope.com

    17 817M40 Bright Alloy Through-Hardening EN24 18 ASTM A193 Grade B7 / A320 Grade L7 Bright Alloy Through-Hardening 19 ASTM A193 ... EN16 25 708M40 Black Alloy Through-Hardening EN19 26 709M40 Black Alloy Through-Hardening ... An alloy steel with good mechanical properties and is readily machinable. Suitable for bolts, shafts, studs, axles and ...

  2. Technical Handbook Bar Products - Atlas Steels

    4.8 atlas 4340: through–hardening low alloy steel bar 46 4.9 atlas 6580: through–hardening low alloy steel bar 49 4.10 atlas 8620h: case–hardening steel bar 52 4.11 atlas 6587: case–hardening alloy steel bar 54 4.12 atlas 6657: case–hardening alloy steel bar 56 4.13 atlas micro900: high-tensile micro-alloy steel bar

  3. EN Series Round Bars Exporter, Manufacturer, Distributor ...

    STEEL MART - Exporter, Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier, Trading Company, Wholesaler, Retailer & Dealer of EN Series Round Bars EN9 Round Bar,EN24 Round Bar,EN8 Round Bar,EN16 Alloy Steel Round Bar,EN 25 Alloy Steel Round Bar,EN 27 Alloy Steel Round Bar,En19 Alloy Steel Round Bar,EN 31 Alloy Steel Round Bar,EN 18 Alloy Steel Round Bar, India

  4. EN26 High Tensile Steel | Interlloy | Engineering Steels ...

    EN26 is a 2.5% nickel - chromium - molybdenum high hardenability, high tensile steel, generally supplied hardened and tempered in the tensile range 1000 - 1150 Mpa (Condition V) Rc 31 - 38.Characterised by high strength and toughness in very large sections - similar to EN25 but with higher carbon content, particularly suitable where high surface pressure exists.

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