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    Let D 5000ı and set the calculator’s angle mode to degrees. Enter the above program, then type: 5000 XEQ R ENTER ¯(HP 35s) The program returns320ı. 11. 6 Helmert’sEquation. Given the latitude (in degrees) and the elevationH (in meters), this program uses Helmert’s equation tofind the …

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    QUADRATIC INTERPOLATION We want to find a polynomial P2(x)=a0 + a1x+ a2x2. which satisfies P2(xi)=yi,i=0,1,2 for given data points (x0,y0),(x1,y1),(x2,y2). One formula for such a polynomial follows: P2(x)=y0L0(x)+y1L1(x)+y2L2(x)(∗∗) with L0(x)=.

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    In Algebraic mode (ALG), you perform arithmetic operations using the standard order of operations. To select RPN mode: Press 9{() to set the calculator to RPN mode. When the calculator is in …

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