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  1. 1000w 1500w Semi Automatic Stainless Steel Tube Pipe

    1000w 1500w Semi Automatic Stainless Steel Tube Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. Short Description: This semi automatic laser tube cutting machine is equipped with a manual loader and a full enclosure to produce high quality parts in a variety of shapes and sizes, tube processing length 6m, 8m, tube diameter 20mm-200mm (20mm-300mm optional ...

  2. Laser Cutting Stainless Steel » Convergent Photonics

    For scalpels a specific stainless steel is used, which is difficult to die cut. Here, laser cutting is an attractive alternative. Due to fast retooling times many different forms can be realized within a short period of time. 3D Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel. Three-dimensional components of stainless steel, such as pipes, which are amongst ...

  3. Tube/Structural Laser Cutting - McNeilus Steel, Inc.

    Tube/Structural Laser Cutting Our processing capabilities include square, round, and rectangular tube, pipe, beams, channel, and angle. Our 3D tube/structural lasers automatically load, feed, laser cut, tap laser cut holes, and unload parts.

  4. 3D Laser Cutting Services - Northern Mfg

    3D Laser Cutting Services. The 5-Axis laser cutting center allows us to think outside the box. We can add holes or cutout features to a welded assembly and eliminate expensive machining operations. It can also process large pipe or tube that doesn't fit into the tube laser's work envelope.

  5. Tube Laser Service | Laser Cutting | Industrial Metal Supply

    Using the power of a 4000 watt laser it can cut material as long as 26' in length into pieces as short as one inch. The FabriGear 300 works on steel, stainless and aluminum equally well cutting up to: 3/4" thick steel; 1/2" thick stainless steel; 3/8" aluminum; And, with a robot loading the material, the Fabrigear handles: Round tube over 10 ...

  6. Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machines - Mazak Optonics

    Tube & Pipe Laser-Cutting Machines. Mazak Optonics offers a FABRI GEAR series that delivers large tube 3D flexibility to cut a variety of shapes including round, square, I-beam and other structural applications. It is designed to increase productivity, simplify and strengthen component assembly and improve component tolerances through more precise laser-cutting.

  7. Laser Cutting - Corry Laser Technology, Inc.

    We offer laser cutting of materials to a very high level of precision and edge quality. Using our C02 and fiber lasers, we can cut metals and non-metals including ceramics, composites, plastics, and rubber. With 7-axis CNC capability, we can cut and trim deep-drawn and hydroformed parts in 3 dimensions.

  8. Selecting a tube cutting process - The FABRICATOR

    Nov 09, 2004 · Tube fabricators use a variety of methods—sawing, lathe cutting, rotary cutting, supported shear cutting, dual-blade shear cutting, and laser cutting—to cut tubing from mill lengths into shorter pieces for use in final fabrication. No single method is optimal for cutting the broad range of tubular materials and tubular shapes produced by this industry.

  9. Laser cutting Adelaide, SA | Steel & aluminium laser ...

    The Adelaide facility is the largest laser cutting operation in South Australia and is an ISO9001 quality certified job-shop. A range of quality products is supplied to a variety of industries throughout South Australia including folding and fabrication, powder and other coating products.

  10. Home [prelaser.ca]

    -Etching on pipe or square tubing-Helical Cutting on pipe . ... and a 2500 Watt 6-axis laser which is capable of 3D cutting. Precision Laser Cut currently specializes in 3-dimensional mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel cutting and we are dedicated to applying innovative techniques that revolutionize the process of 3D manufacturing.

  11. Metal Pipe & Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

    Metal Pipe & Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine is specially used for cutting 0.4 to 20mm carbon steel plates and pipes,0.4 to 10mm stainless steel plates and pipes,galvanized steel plates and pipes,electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheets and pipes,0.4 to 8mm aluminum,0.4 to 6mm brass and various thin metal materials.

  12. About Us - Shortts Stainless Steel | Ireland's largest ...

    Ireland's largest integrated Stainless Steel Service Centre. ... includes Flatbed Laser cutting catering for all shapes and sizes up to 20mm thick, Water Jet cutting, up to 100mm thick steel and Tubular Laser cutting up to 15mm thick steel. We have invested in a state of the art De-Edging Machine. ... We polish tube and pipes from 20mm to 400mm ...

  13. Laser Cutting - Laser fine cutting, 2D laser cutting, 3D ...

    Almost all kinds of metals can be laser cut: mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum are the most common applications. Other laser cut parts are made from wood, plastics, glass and ceramics. Compared to alternative techniques like die cutting, laser cutting

  14. Stainless Steel Laser Cutting | Laser Cutting Company, Inc.

    Stainless steel is a popular metal for laser cut products. It is easy to cut and does not experience work hardening or distortion during forming or laser cutting. Some stainless steel alloys are difficult to die cut, making laser cutting an ideal alternative. Stainless steel can be cut quickly and precisely, up to a thickness of 0.625".

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