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    Nickel-base superalloy materials have extensive application in the hot turbine section of aero and industrial gas turbine engines. Traditionally, hot section gas turbine alloy development starts with engine requirements that cannot be met by existing alloys, e.g., higher temperature, strength, or durability requirements.

  2. The Significance of Defects in Nickel Base Superalloys

    working and inspection of nickel base alloys for gas turbine parts, thus maintaining the number ard size of metallurgical defects to a minimum. This effort is not surprising since the majority of these materials were initially developed for aero-engines which have always demanded the highest integrity

  3. Aerospace — High-Temperature Machining Guide

    High-Temperature Machining Guide Machining Guides • High-Temperature Machining Guide Nickel-Base Superalloys Among the high-temperature alloys, nickel-base alloys are the most widely used. As a result, they are often found in aerospace engine and power generation turbine components, as well as in

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    The temperature of the working fluid entering the turbine section frequently exceeds the useful working temperature limit of nickel-base superalloys, and in the most advanced industrial gas turbines the gas path temperatures can easily exceed the melting temperature of the blade and vane alloys by several hundred degrees Celsius.

  5. High Temperature Nickel alloys Applications

    The cast alloys are employed around these temperature limits but specifically at the highest temperatures such as in gas turbine engines. Applications. Turbine Engines. The high temperature applications of superalloys are broad such as parts for aircraft, chemical plant apparatus and petrochemical device.

  6. Superalloy - Wikipedia

    A superalloy, or high-performance alloy, is an alloy that exhibits several key characteristics: excellent mechanical strength, resistance to thermal creep deformation, good surface stability, and resistance to corrosion or oxidation.The crystal structure is typically face-centered cubic austenitic.Examples of such alloys are Hastelloy, Inconel, Waspaloy, Rene alloys, Incoloy, MP98T, TMS alloys ...

  7. Properties of Nickel Alloys

    As it was intended mainly for use in high temperature applications it comes as no surprise that it is a highly sought after for use in heat treatment furnace equipment, afterburner parts and gas turbine combustion chambers. Nickel Alloys won't Weaken or Perish. Nickel alloys often work in industries that depend on materials that are highly ...

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