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    14.1 Marking of Steel The most common type of marking in Czech republic is by five-digits number (eventually six-digits), for example 10 335,or 11 373, where

  2. DNV Ship rules Pt.4 Ch.6 - Piping Systems

    ments and corrections presented in Pt.0 Ch.1 Sec.3. Pt.0 Ch.1 is normally revised in January and July each year. Revised chapters will be forwarded to all subscribers to the rules. Buyers of reprints are advised to check the updated list of rule chap-ters printed in Pt.0 Ch.1 Sec.1

  3. 1500 LTM LME 3-13-17

    Standard Flow Ranges. The linearity specification is dependent on the characteristics of the calibration fluid. For DN25 to DN200 (1-in to 8-in) meters, Specific Gravity (SG) is 0.78 and KinVisc (cSt) is 2.1. For DN250 to DN600 (10-in to 24-in) meters, SG is 1.0 and KinVisc (cSt) is 1.0.

  4. Cold Steel Chaos Double Edge Knife with Sheath | ...

    Cold Steel Chaos Double Edge Knife with Sheath - Designed with combat in mind, the Cold Steel Double Edge Chaos knife is a modern day take on the tried and true trench knife. The SK-5 high carbon steel blade features a double-edge with a black Tuff-Ex coating for …

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