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    Plate Fineline® Steels: High quality steels with very low sulfur levels Introduction The demand for plate steels with a variety of improved properties stimulated the development of the Fineline® process that can be ap-plied to most steels, resulting in low-sulfur, vacuum-degassed plate steel products with calcium treatment. Introduced in 1977 ...

  2. About Jindal Steel & Power Ltd

    About Jindal Steel & Power Ltd Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is one of India's primary & integrated steel producers ... For producing high-tensile steel plates with high and good ... The plate mill is a metallurgical tool that enables us to produce wide range of high quality plate products


    support to us as we continue to supply high-quality products and services. 1. Excellent quality We offer products of high reliability, using quality control measures to thoroughly test products in operations ranging from the treatment to r olling and thermal refining of raw materials for iron making. To produce homogeneous products of high ...

  4. Steel and the National Defense paper - SSINA

    steel industry and the thousands of skilled men and women who comprise its workforce produce high quality, cost-competitive steel products for military use in applications ranging from aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines to Patriot and Stinger missiles, armor plate for tanks and field artillery

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