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    STAINLESS STEEL - 431 RELATED SPECIFICATIONS: Germany W.Nr 1.4057 X17CrNi16-2 Great Britain BS970 – Part 3 – 1991 431S29 Japan JIS G 4303 SuS 431 USA ASTM A276-98b 431 SAE 51431 AISI 431 UNS S43100 DESCRIPTION: 431 is a hardenable martensitic, nickel bearing grade, which has the best corrosion resistance properties of all martensitic grades.

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    1Cr17Ni2 431,S43100 X22CrNi17 SUS431 Z15CN16-02 431S29 9 1Cr11NiW2MoV 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb 630,S17400 SUS630 Z6CNU17.04 2( ②) 0CR17NI7A1 631,S17700 X7CrNiA1177 SUS631 N8CNA17.7 2( ②) China America Germany Japan France England International Note Note Note Note Note ① is the mark for ISO683/15 Note ② is the mark for ISO683/16

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