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  1. Filler Metal Selector Guide - Lincoln Electric

    These filler metal suggestions "match" the base metal properties; that is, the yield and tensile strength are expected to meet or exceed the mini- mum specified properties of the steel. Matching filler metal is typically required for complete joint penetration groove welds in tension.

  2. Welding Tips and Tricks • View topic - TIG welding 4340 steel?

    May 24, 2014 · there are a bunch of ways you could weld 4340 to mild steel. So you might choose one your good at. for Tig welding, I would use er70s-2 or er309 stainless. The last job I did welding thick 4140 steel , both rods worked well provided I used a 500f preheat. preheat is the key to success on anything with that much carbon.

  3. ASTM Welding Procedures A36 to A930 - weldreality.com

    A36 to A389 ASTM Welding Procedures. MIG Welding Information Techniques & Tips : Weldreality Home Page. ... Compare the low alloy steels chemistry and mechanicals with a standard A36 steel. Remember this is only a guide, weld responsibility starts with the weld decision maker verifying the consumables and heat treat and test recommendations ...

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