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  1. WIDE FLANGE BEAMS - Chatham Steel

    WIDE FLANGE BEAMS ASTM A36 & A992 WSHAPES Dimensions D e s i g n a t i on Web Flange Distance Ar ea D pth Thickne st w Wd Tk k Ad t 1 w 2 b f In.2 In. In. In. In. In. In. In. In.


    construction, freeways undergoing modernization – these and many other projects call for wide flange shapes. Because of their outstanding properties, wide flange shapes are widely used for beams, columns and other architectural members, as well as in pile foundations, bridges and other civil engineering works.

  3. Single Girder Bridge Beam Chart - For Manual and …

    W Beams, and Channels as defined in 4.0 (a), and material limited to the ASTM A36 or ASTM A572 (for W-shapes) or A992 (for S-Shapes). Beam Sizing and Calculation method: The bridge beams are designed and selected base on the calculation method outlined in Harrington's internal use only document EDOC002, "Single Girder Bridge Beam Chart".

  4. Structural Shapes -

    The use of all data contained in this catalog should be used ... Our structural shapes conform to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) A6/A6M structural steel specifications, latest edition. However, we may furnish steel conforming to other ... the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). The fillet radius used in ...

  5. ASTM A6 - Wide Flange W Beams - Imperial Units

    ASTM A6 - Dimensions and static parameters of American steel wide flange beams - Imperial Units Sponsored Links Engineering ToolBox - enabled for use with the amazing FREE SketchUp 3D drawing and modeling program.

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