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    high pressure fuel pump eyebrow timing plate. Compare the eyebrow timing plate to the #3 idler gear. The radius of the eyebrow timing plate and the idler gear should not intersect. [a] If there is an intersection of the radius or the “T” timing mark is not at the 12 o'clock position, remove the pump and inspect for gear train damage.

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    vibration dampers (4) from the fuel rail and high pressure fuel pump. Discard the high pressure pump rail feed lines and vibration dampers. 46. Remove and discard the return lines P-clip (3). 47. Holding the rear needle cylinder head fitting with J-48836, use J-48770 to remove the needle return line from the rear cylinder head fitting and remove the


    EPA07 DD13 and DD15 High Pressure Fuel Pump Defect Involved Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) has determined that some certified EPA07 DD13 and DD15 engines may have high pressure fuel pump elements that were made incorrectly and could potentially crack. These high pressure fuel pump elements will be replaced.

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