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    Wastewater Quality / Strength / and Content

    WASTEWATER QUALITY/STRENGTH/CONTENT ... What numerical values can be derived to define “High Strength Wastewater” for determining ... medium, and strong. Weak, medium, and strong levels of BOD 5 (mg/L) were identified as 110, 220, and 400, concentrations of …

  2. High-strength flows – not your average wastewater

    ty and quality. When these differ-ences are not planned for, systems often fail. ... High-strength flows – not your average wastewater Defining high strength page 2 Examples of different flows page 2 ... medium and strong (50, 100 and 150 mg/L respectively). The

  3. A Guide to Selecting the Right Rod -

    You need to have a comfortable and lightweight handle with sufficient grip, even when it's wet, that will transmit the delicate vibrations of a big bass picking your worm, and cork fits the bill perfectly. A nice, new, fresh, clear, high quality cork grip is a beautiful thing! However, the quality of cork varies greatly along with the price.

  4. High-strength low-alloy steel - Wikipedia

    High-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA) is a type of alloy steel that provides better mechanical properties or greater resistance to corrosion than carbon steel.HSLA steels vary from other steels in that they are not made to meet a specific chemical composition but rather to specific mechanical properties.

  5. GRADES (TYPES) OF PAPER - Paperonweb

    A light weight grade of catalog or printing paper with good strength, high opacity and good printability. It is made from a mixture of bleached chemical, semi-chemical, CMP and recycled fiber and used for printing telephone directory. Document Paper Document paper is paper with a high ageing resistance.

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